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Click on the menu bar to see a selection of online exhibitions featuring the work of some of our individual members. Check again regularly, more will be added soon!

About Us

We are a group of independent artists who have become friends. We formalized this group in 2016, roughly two years after a handful of us met by chance and realized we liked hanging out with each other! We now have approximately 30 members, most of whom live and work in the DFW. We sketch together regularly, at least once a week. Our sketching day is Thursday and we sometimes also get together on Saturdays or special occasions. We welcome visitors to sketch with us for the day. Grab your sketchbook and join us.

Artists Out & About DFW


Artists Out & About DFW

We are a group of artists and sketchers who meet regularly around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex to draw and talk about art. Our group includes creative people from many professional backgrounds. Not all have always been artists. 2022 will be our sixth year of drawing and painting together.

The Dallas/Fort Worth area offers much to explore, so our meeting place could be a museum or a bar, a cemetery or a wildlife rescue, someone's home or a historical site.

Many of our members work professionally in the visual and fine arts one way or another, as art educators, workshop instructors, graphic designers, printmakers, studio artists, musicians, photographers, ceramic artists, sculptors, or are retired from other sectors such as architecture or science. Some only started drawing after retirement and are now exhibiting artists. Many of our members are represented by galleries and are leaders in prominent DFW arts organizations. The DFW is our art scene, we live and breathe art and we enjoy exploring the metroplex through our weekly sketch outings to museums, galleries, botanic gardens, antique markets, farmers markets or smaller unique venues such as motorcycle shops, army surplus stores, libraries and bookshops.

You can sketch with us anytime! We love meeting new artists and it's always fun to discover the six degrees of separation. We would love you to join us on one of our sketch outings, grab your sketchbook and contact any one of our members, they will gladly let you know where we're going to next and we'll keep an eye out for you. We look forward to your visit!

Our first group exhibition happened in 2018 at the TVAA gallery. Our second group exhibition is scheduled for May 2022 at the Bath House Cultural Center in White Rock Lake. Click on the exhibitions tab so see all the details. 

Happy sketching

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